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We boast with our Sales, Service and installations teams. We are friendly, Professional and we are certified to do installations that meet all safety and code regulations on the LP gas that we sell. Value Gas has been servicing the energy needs of businesses in the country from small to large businesses and we have developed a reputation of reliability which is highly respected in the LPG industry.


Completed Projects

Over 420 successfully completed installations and deliveries around the country


Satisfied Costumers

We listen and care about our customers, that is how we have managed to keep almost all of them happy.

Installation & Maintainance

We have professionally trained and certified technicians to do installations and maintenance that meet all safety and code regulations in the LPG industry.

Gas Equipment

We have a wide variety of gas equipment and accessories as well,  these include gas tanks, hoses, stoves, regulators, cooker tops


We supply directly through our own retail sites using a distribution channel that requires no middleman.

Value Gas & Safety


LPG is a popular and efficient energy source used in homes for cooking. It is imperative that you take good care and use it safely and responsibly. LPG Cylinders are strong and cannot be damaged easily. However leaks can occur from cylinder, valves and pipe connections if not kept in good condition or if considerable care is not taken while replacing them. Safety comes from understanding the behaviour of LPG and keeping it under control. Every uncontrolled release is a hazardous event and should receive urgent attention. As pure LPG is odourless and invisible a distinctive odour is usually added to warn of its presence. Thus even the smallest leak can be detected and can receive appropriate attention. However, as LPG is heavier than air, an underground or low level leak might not be detected immediately.  Always be in full attendance when cooking using LPG. The sauce or liquid in your cooking could overflow and extinguish the burners, causing gas to leak if left unattended.

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