We are a privately owned indigenous business which specialises in gas and fuel. We distribute our products across a wide range of customers (domestic and commercial) using a channel that has no middleman. The company was established in 2011 with the following visions.

Our operational strategy is customer focused, with emphasis on the Lean structure which reduces handling costs and giving optimum benefits to the customers. We value integrity, partnership, safety and professionalism. In line with the strategic direction of Value Gas, our resolute policy is to consciously determine the stated and implied needs and expectations of interested parties – customers, legal & regulatory entities, government, shareholders, employees, suppliers and community – relevant to our business of procurement, supply and service delivery and ensure that their requirements are met. We shall focus on continual improvement of our quality performance and quality management system performance by taking applicable action to effectively address any identified shortfall while encouraging next practice innovations and ideas in all our dealings.

Using a very customer centric approach, we dedicate our time and resources to efficient service delivery that satisfies our customers. Our branches are scattered in Bulawayo and beyond, stretching as far as Harare, Victoria Falls, Gwanda and Plumtree. We hope to touch the lives of every person on every corner of Zimbabwe, bringing affordable, safe and reliable LP Gas to enrich their lives

To be recognized as the premier indigenous petroleum and gas service provider driven by excellence and innovation.

To use a dynamic, powerful, skilled and assertive way of doing business to develop an effective high-performance enterprise.

Goals and Objectives

Core Values

Health and Safety Policy

Above all else, we value the safe use and handling of explosives and potentially dangerous products such as LPG and Petroleum. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our customers, staff members and as well the environment as a whole. This is why we are in absolute compliance with all governing bodies and regulating authorities and all our operations are licensed and certified by Zera, EMA and local authorities.
Our staff members and operations follow the policy of strict adherence to safety requirements using protective gear and equipment. They are regularly trained by reputable institutions on fire prevention as well safety measures in handling explosives

Time and again we conduct educational campaigns to our customers and the general public through seminars, publications of reading material as well as advertising on the safe use and handling of gas and petroleum and its accessories/ equipment

Our products are environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful toxins to any human lives. We encourage all our stakeholders to read further on health and safety with regards to LPG and Fuels using the following links….

Our Team

Mr. T.M. Masike

Managing Director

He is a visionary leader whose competencies include a strong hold in strategic and project planning as well as steering the organisation toward satisfying the needs of the end user and in achieving organisational and project goals.

Ms. C. Ndlovu

General Manager

Developing and implementing strategic plans, company policies and driving organizational success. She oversees the activities of the company and all its departments. Responsible for the management of the entity’s resources as well as the establishment of strategic goals and formulating plans to make sure those goals are met

Mr. A. Murira

Operations ManagerĀ 

He is the controller of operations in the company and has years of experience in managing resources, people and in engaging clients in achieving organisational goals.

Mr. A. Kubvoruno

Sales and Marketing Manager

Responsible for brand equity management, Brand communication, Media management, marketing strategy formulation, marketing operations as well as leveraging best marketing practices. He is also responsible for Consumer interaction management, and after sales management.